A shot at History

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it is the autobiography of Olympic gold medal winner shooter Avinav Bindra. The book reflects on hungry for success and the vision to win Olympic Gold medal. Avinav Bindra goes beyond coaching manuals, state-of-art practice session and un-earth the human character required to become a winner. There are unique incidents shared which he faced as an Olympic Contestant. The reflection of darkest hour in career, the 2004 Olympic, Bindra shares how he survived the situation and restated his objective.

What makes this book stand out?

There are not many Olympic gold medallists from India. It is a unique experience to read the autobiography of a Gold medallist shooter who is an Indian.

Read it for

A picture of the sportsman’s life being shared by the champion makes it a good read.

Don't read it for

Failure to explore the book as a written piece. The help from Rohit Brijnath could not bridge the gap between writer and the subject.

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