A Gathering of Shadows

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A mysterious obsidian stone has fell in the possession of Kell. Stone was cast in the dying body of Holland through rift–back into Black London. Kell visited ominous magical events by dreams and wakes to think of Lila, disappeared from docks. Red London finalizes Element Games, extravagant international competition of magic to entertain as well as maintaining the healthy ties between other countries.

It's been four months as a obsidian rock dropped into the possession of Kell. Four months because White London's Dane twins dropped, and because Prince Rhy was injured, and four weeks because the rock was cast with Holland's dying body to Dark London -- straight throughout the rift. Restless after having given his smuggling habit up, Kell is seen by visions of occasions, waking to consider Lila, because she supposed to do, who vanished from the docks. A pirate boat draws closer, carrying buddies back -- an global contest of magical supposed to entertain and maintain the ties between states -- as Red London finalizes preparations for its Element Games. And while Red London is caught up in their Games' pageantry and excitement, yet another London is coming back to life. After all, there gone which has been a shadow from the night will reappear in the daytime. However, the balance of magic is perilous, and yet another London has to collapse, also for a single town to flourish.

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The tension plagued you when reading previous installment, but A Gathering of Shadows answers all the questions that ever closer as you neared the end.

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Reading the “A Gathering of Shadows” is quite unbelievable and it managed to impress people across the world.

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Not quite interesting to read

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