3 And a Half Murders: An Inspector Saralkar Mystery

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Two corpses a women lying dead on her bed and a man hanging from the ceiling fan. It has suicide not and also murder confession. When the cases come, the senior inspector Saralkar has just been diagnosed with busy and rehearsals of a play. It have common place crime by a debt ridden and killed his unfaith murder in Bangalore and other lead emerge closer path. Can Saralkar and Motkar get to the case and analyze well and there is shocking surprise at the climax.

What makes this book stand out?

The story of this book was very twisting and crispy which holds you till the last. It is easy for police to catch criminals. It is not just a police but also a crime related scenes in the story.

Read it for

The story has breathtaking journey of a convict and his 3.5 murders. It has discovered with fast paced and engrossing narration tells surprise and twist.

Don't read it for

The love story between Saralkar and his wife is irritating and makes everyone to feel dull. As per book recommendations, it has little bit hard to read.

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