Animal Farm


The book was first published in the year 1945. This novella is centered around farm animals of the Manor Farm. The animals in this book begin to converse when the day ends, and all humans go off to sleep. The book talks about the rebellion organized by the animals. Old boar, a prize-winning pig, instigates the other animals by telling them about his dream to live in a place where the animals will not be oppressed by humans. He sings a song, “Beasts of England,” which is a lyrical depiction of his dreams. Shortly after the meeting, he dies, and three other pigs take it upon themselves to fulfill the old boar’s dreams. The animals also come with the philosophy of Animalism and formulate their maxim. One day, they manage to take the farm away from the farmer and rename it. Their dreams come true, but not too long after, they run into problems. They could not deal with each other and had no understanding. The pigs in this story take up the role of humans by the end of the story. However, liberation was in order, and the animals were freed.