Top 10 Books of 2000s


In the 2000s, you will find a different era of change in technology because people found alternates of printing papers as computer screens and mobiles. But in this time, many famous and useful books started getting published on different topics. You will find some of the memorable and favorite books written by various authors in this decade. If you are also searching for some good to read books that got published in the 2000s, here is a list of top 10 books of the decade that you should choose from and read to gain knowledge and have fun.

Never let me go

Kazuo Ishiguro wrote the book Never let me go and released in the year 2005. In this anecdote, the life of a young woman named Kathy has caught the attention of readers. This story takes place in Britain focusing on her childhood in a boarding school. In this book, you will find the story of dystopian where human beings are cloned to provide organs for transplantation. Kathy and her friends chose to be donors. In this book, you will find the truth of the matter in different situations and suggestive language. Never let me go is the best book to reads published in the 2000s. If you are interested to read any science fiction and tragic book having a touch of modern literature, then this book can be a perfect choice for you.

The corrections

this book which is written by Jonathan Franzen and published in 2001. In this book, you will find the story of a family consisting of an elderly Midwestern couple and three adult children. In this tale, you will find the troubles faced by a family, and this book was one of the top sellers in that year. It received appreciation by critics, and you find it enjoyable to read. In this story, you will see the sense of anxiety and stress in characters. This book on National Book award for fiction in 2001 and James Tait Black Memorial Prize in 2002. This book also made a spot in the list of 100 best books in English since 1923 in Time Magazine. It got much more awards and prizes, and it can be a perfect choice for people who are looking to find some severe novels having fiction art.


atonement is a popular and famous British Meta fiction novel published in 2001. In this book was written by Ian McEwen. This book described three different time periods of 1935 England; Second World War England and France, and the present time of England. It received many accolades for being one of the best works of writer, and it was one of the most popular and top books of the decade. The movie named Atonement released in 2007 by the plot of this film. This film got many awards by critics and got nominated for 2001 Booker prize in the fiction category. It also had nominations for James TaitBlack Memorial Prize and white bread Nobel award in 2001. This movie won many honors in 2001, 2002 and 2004. It appeared on the list of top greatest novels ever written. You will experience the period of different generations in this book.

White teeth

zadie smith wrote white teeth tale, and this is a well-written novel based on actual feelings about globalized, intermarried, borderless and other people. It was published by the writer when he was only 24. This book explains about the Friendship of 2 Londoners, a pub going working class bloke and a Muslim named Samad. This story illustrates about their life and struggles with family. It was one of the top-selling books, and it is one of the best book recommendations that you can choose to find some of the best complexities of different cultures and different countries. It is a beautifully written book in which writer explains about different kinds of cultures and different people having a unique lifestyle. It will be a great experience to find a good story based on different cultures in this book.

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The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

Michael Chabon wrote this famous novel and published in 2000. In this book, you will find about the lives of title characters. There are two characters named Joe Kavalier and Sam Clay. Joe is a Czech Artist, and Sam is a writer, and it is the story of the period before, during, and after World War 2. It was one of the best-seller books at that time, and it also won many awards and prizes. It won Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2001. It also made a place in one of the best-sellers and one of the best books of all time. This book is liked by the audience as well as critics because of its fantastic platform. If you are also looking to find top novels of the 2000s, you can make your choice to read this book as the perfect option.

The Road

when you want to look for top books of the decade, you must add this book to your collection. American writer Cormac McCarthy wrote this book in 2006. In this tale, you will find the story of a father and his young son spending time together for many months. It is about a road journey between a father and a son across the landscape where there is no Civilization and life. If you want to search for top 10 books of 2000s, then this book will be the perfect option for you. This book was one of the top sellers of years, and it got many awards. This novel won Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2007, and it also won James tight black Memorial prize for fiction in 2006. It will be unusual to find a great story talking about the emotions of a father and son during their journey.

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

the brief wondrous life of oscar wao, written by American author Junot Diaz came to the view of readers in 2007. It is one of the top 10 books in the 2000s, and it is a unique work of fiction. In this novel, you will find the set of New Jersey, and it will be a one time experience to learn from this book for readers. This book received many positive reviews from critics, and it also won many awards. It got National Book critics circle award and Pulitzer Prize for fiction award in 2008. It was one of the best-seller books at that time, and you can also read this book to find the perfect art of fiction in it.

The book thief

the book thief, published in 2005, and this is the best book to reads per the review shared by the readers. Markus Zusak wrote this book, and it got a place in top seller list of New York Times. It is historical novel in which you will find the unique experience of mortality and love. This book also got many awards in 2006 and 2007. This book was a big success, and it got good reviews from critics. A movie named The book thief released in 2013 based on the same platform. If you like to read historically based novels, then you should choose this book as a perfect option


the book named poems written by Paul Celan who was one of the greatest poets and writers of the 20th century. He was famous to write heart touching poems in German and many good stories in other languages. If you are also looking to find the magnificent writing in any book on literature, then you should choose this book by Paul. It was one of the top books of the 2000s, and this book also got many awards at that time. You will find great creativity and art of writing in this book.

The Kite Runner

the kite runner published in 2003 was written by Khaled Hosseini who is well-known Afghan American author. The story of this book described a young boy named Amir who is from Kabul. In this story, you will find the tremendous events, and it can be considered as one of the best books written with the background of Afghanistan. This book got proper appreciation by critics, and it won many awards as well. It is one of the best book recommendations that you can choose to find a good story and fantastic writing. A movie named The Kite Runner gained popularity based on the plot of this book by Khaled. This book even got many awards and nominations during the year 2006 and 2007 respectively. It is a list of top 10 books of 2000s that you can choose to get the best experience of reading and fantastic art of writing. These books are written on different platforms and have different characters created with perfect creativity. You can also choose these top books of the 2000s to attain blend of enjoyment and good experience from these fantastic stories

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