20 New Year’s Resolutions for Book Lovers

  1. Firstly, I will organise bookshelves as read, unread, favorites, classics, fictions, non-fictions, biographies & auto biographies, Mystery & Horror, Love & Romance, Comic, Travel, Poetry and more.a fresh page, a fresh start
  2. I will stop buying new ones until I complete all the unread books- Many a times unread books remain unread for long time when new books keep coming into my shelf.
  3. I will prepare my own book marks with inspiring and beautiful quotes instead of using business cards or receipts- Reading positive lines repeatedly would help in changing our thought process.
  4. I will join book lovers groups/ clubs to discuss and share more about books & authors with fellow fans of favorite books.
  5. I will add few Biographies and Autobiographies to my new list this year- Reading real life stories is more interesting.  ­­new year
  6. I will read books from a new author rather than from a same old favorite authors.
  7. I will collect all the books from my shelf that are untouched for long time and donate them to book lovers at orphanages.
  8. I will go to Book stations / Stores in the city to explore more rather than regular online purchasing- In case I am in bad mood going out to a public place would really refresh me.
  9. I will copy down the feel good lines and quotes from the books to memorize and recollect in future.
  10. I will cultivate a habit of re-reading Biographies and Auto biographies- a person’s life experiments and experiences can always teach us or inspire us a lot.Motivating and inspiring books
  11. I will set self targets to complete a count of books in a year, as minimum 10 books from new author, at least 5 biographies or autobiographies, 10 fictions and totally 50- 60 books.
  12. I will gift books and create interest in my friends who have little interest in reading to push them to book lovers.
  13. I will organise the details which books I lent to which friend, to not miss collecting back my favorite books.
  14. I will find some outdoor places for reading nearby my house like parks, garden area, home terrace, pool side apart from regular bedroom and living rooms- As nature and books always go well together, change of place can refresh better.
  15. I will never forget to share reviews about my recently completed books with my friends – Book lovers would rush to read and my reviews can create interest in new readers.new kindle paperwhite
  16. I will never judge a book by its cover page, instead I will read the first pages that may create interest in the book.
  17. I will highlight beautiful quotes or conversations in my favorite books for easy recollection.
  18. I will never spend time thinking alone, I will always carry a book with me when i go out.
  19. I will try few crazy things with my books, like finishing a book in shortest time ever, prepare skit or drama out of the book.
  20. I will list down all the other books by an Author who has impressed me with his/her first book that I read.



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