20+ Books You Must Read In The New Year


The start of a new year is the time to renew old vows, reaffirm old connections and look back to the good times of our past. It is a time we associate in our memory with cozy sips of tea or coffee, having a chat with family and friends or reading a novel in a warm winter sun. What better way to usher in the New Year than reading some books?

We thought long and hard about this, and we decided that like every new year brings along a few surprises of its own, always something new; so, in a similar way, we’ll mix and match among genres to see if we can find some books you’ll definitely enjoy reading in this new year. We’ve included varied genres like fantasy, espionage, knowledge (of the fun kind, don’t think of boring classrooms please, we’ll be offended), biographies and more. So go ahead and check them out, we hope you’ll find something you like!

Happy Reading!

Fight Club

Well, everyone has heard of this one, haven't they. After all, this is the movie you want to watch when you feel like breaking some societal rules and break free of your routine, boring life. By the way, we hope you're Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne if your life's not boring, because let's agree, Batman or Ironman, either would be cool! Anyways, we digress. Fight Club has defined the angst of a generation so well that everyone probably watches the ending sequence of destruction with that awesome Pixies track in the background on loop. (Don't lie, even you've done that! If you haven't, go do that right now!) Now the movie was good, but the book, as books generally are, is even better. Don't take our word for it, read it for yourself and you'll agree wholeheartedly.

The Final Empire – Mistborn I

Have you always been on the fringes of the High Fantasy genre, always a step inside yet a step away from being immersed in it? Are you're one of those who've watched the Lord of the Rings but felt it would be too long or got too scared by all those who said it'd be slow? Here's a book that starts at a manageable pace, but turns into a maglev train on steroids pretty fast and just doesn't let up till the end. Introducing a cast of memorable characters and an intriguing new idea for a Magic system, this book is thriller fantasy at its finest. The first of a trilogy, this book is a complete package all in itself, but we're sure you'll go and check out the next two books in the trilogy just because you'll be hooked and left wanting more.(Now being enlarged by the author with another trilogy set in the future of the same world)

The Alchemist

There are some moments in our daily lives, when we feel that whatever we do, whatever we work towards is simply futile, in the grand scheme of things. That maybe, we're meant to do something better, something different. Or maybe, it is just that we haven't found the right perspective to look at things from. The Alchemist is a journey, one of exploration, of self-discovery, of spirituality found in the smallest of things and of the similarity of it all. No matter how different we all are, from the right perspective, we're all the same. New years are for new beginnings, read this for that emotional motivation to look forward to a happy new year.

The Book Thief

Some books just stay with us long after we're done with them for the feelings they evoked when we were reading them. Some books are told in first person, by a protagonist, some in third person by a narrator in a story and some in third person through a camera lens seeing it all as it happens. This books comes in the category of none of the above. With that interesting tidbit, let us just say that this is a beautiful book above everything else. We can never guess how books can affect us, they can save us and act as our guiding lights in even the darkest of days.

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And Then There Were None

This book from the best selling novelist of all time ( Yes, you read it right, 'all time' ) Agatha Christie is the greatest of her mystery masterpieces that made her so famous and loved by all of us. Unlike most of her books, this one doesn't have a detective, neither Monseiur Poirot nor Miss Marple and at the outset seems bland. 10 people, invited to an island for a holiday and then left stranded there. What can go wrong, you might very logically ask, so read the book to find out why this book was voted as the World's Favorite Christie novel.

Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist explores the hidden side of everything

Economics never classifies as a fun read, right? Wrong. This book by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt describes how as an economist, Steven D. Levitt has to deal with problems as diverse as the connection between legalization of abortion vs number of violent crimes and a question like why do drug dealers live with their mom or how much actually do parents matter. Starting from a mountain of data, Levitt breaks down conventional wisdom by studying the economics of it all as what it really is at its deepest, a study of incentives. You'll be surprised how many times you'll be nodding your heads with the discussion in the book.

The Prometheus Deception

Every new year, we look for some books which have the thrill of the chase, the madness of pursuit that we always seem to find in plenty in spy novels. From the master of this genre, Robert Ludlum, The Prometheus Deception is the perfect book to read in the cold winter afternoons when you go searching for a book to fill up the laziness all around. Nick Bryson is a retired master spy, recruited back into the field to spy on the very organisation he used to work for, the Directorate, which seems to have gone rogue. Yeah, an agency has gone rogue, as opposed to the general spy-gone-rogue. Makes for a very interesting read.

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

If there is a list of people in technology who are changing the world in the way we see it, Elon Musk would be pretty surely at the top of it. In his life, he's made companies and sold them to move on to start another newer something aimed at solving some other problem we see around us. It started with online payment systems, when he co-founded PayPal after selling his first start-up called Zip2, and now, when he's working on space exploration with SpaceX and classy, powerful electric cars with Tesla. In this book, journalist Ashlee Vance interviews him to understand his vision of it all. A very very insightful read, especially one to be tried in this new year when you go looking for real world inspirations.

A Short History of Nearly Everything

This book, really is a short history of ‘nearly’ everything. As in, Bill Bryson actually tries to take us on the journey of our planet from the beginning of it all till we actually reach our planet in this vast cosmos and then delves deeper with us, right from the microscopic realms to the ones observing it all, us humans. This unimaginably complex and convoluted ecosystem of ours holds so many surprises that you’ll be surprised with the amount of knowledge hidden in this book. Every year, we always plan to learn something new, don’t we? Well, this book is the best place to start!

Inkheart – Inkworld I

This fantasy trilogy by Cornelia Funke is the genre at its most beautiful; imagination and books. Books are a result of penning down our thoughts on paper. Now imagine, that there existed a person somewhere who could make all those characters real just by reciting them out loud. An interesting possibility, right? In the book’s world however, it has its own costs, for one to come, one must go and what happens if the person who goes is the one you love and the one who comes is a monster straight out of fairy tales because you didn’t know about your own power. We encourage you to read the books to find out more.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

The stories in this book have been referenced in the Harry Potter, especially in the Deathly Hallows.  The book includes five magical stories, which have been repeatedly talked about in the Harry Potter series. Along with this, the stories are accompanied with explanatory notes by Professor Dumbledore.

Read it For:
Magic, mystical beings and impressively woven stories, what more do you need?
Don't Read it For:
This book has no issues at all!
What makes this book stand out?:
A perfect book for anytime. Rowling’s writing incorporates the magic and beauty in stories effortlessly.

The Great Gatsby

The story is set in the twenties, a time when men and women lost themselves to the lure of money and luxuries. With changing times, many new technologies, Jay Gatsby remains unaffected. This book is the loveable, heart-touching and tragic love story of the man called Jay Gatsby.

Read it For:
The narration of the book is beyond impressive. The sentences, the book structure and the story’s progression, keeps the reader involved and engaged.
Don't Read it For:
The book is not for romantics, the genius yet the sad ending is not something everyone likes.
What makes this book stand out?:
The book is dripping with great sentences and impressive language. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s command on the writing makes this book worth the read.

To Kill a Mockingbird

There has hardly been a book such as this one. To Kill a Mockingbird is an iconic book, which questions the rules and the regulations of the society. The book follows a pair of siblings and characters close to the two. The book will take you through various emotions and profound thoughts.

Read it For:
The book is nothing short of genius. An effortless piece of literature, this book is a journey of funny incidents, heart-touching moments and a sad end. The end, however, poses many questions and answers some questions.
Don't Read it For:
The sad end is tragic and touches the hearts of the readers. The end may leave you in tears, literally.
What makes this book stand out?:
Lee wrote only two books in her lifetime; this was the first book. An instant favourite, this book raises questions on many societal norms, thinking and mentality. A classic read.

Kafka On The Shore

The saying, “You cannot run from your destiny” sits well with this book. This is the story of a boy who takes the name of Kafka and sets out on a journey to find his destiny only to find the most unexpected answer. The story has many unique characters, along with many strange, yet magical incidents. A man, a little disturbed in the head, can talk to cats and must find the murderer who has been ruthlessly killing cats. A book on chance encounters and the path of destiny, what lies for them in the end?

Read it For:
This book is capable of transferring you into another world. Vast yet concise, precise yet detailed a true work of art.
Don't Read it For:
This book is written in a morbid fashion, may not be appreciated.
What makes this book stand out?:
The book is a splendid work of art, an excellent read for anyone looking for something profound.

The Night Circus

The author’s debut work is a magical and spellbinding work. A game between to immortal magicians leads to many excellent and grave outcomes. A magical circus with many acts and shows appears in towns out of nowhere. With candies, shows and entertainment, the circus operates only in nights and disappears without notice.

Read it For:
A magical book, with vibrant characters. A story unlike any other has been woven brilliantly.
Don't Read it For:
The story’s end is a bit sad, but the book will not disappoint you on the magical front.
What makes this book stand out?:
An original work with brilliant character and a magic show unlike any other!

The Prince of Thorns

This book follows the story of the rebellious prince, Jorg Ancarth, a character who puts king Joffery to shame! The story follows the ruthless persuasion of the crown by the prince and hatred towards his father. Jorg is hell-bent on making his own name, and he wishes to do so by his means.

Read it For:
This book is for the fantasy story lovers. Set in an apocalyptic kind of era, this book is the first instalment of the series. There is no other book which will make you root for the bad guy except this one.
Don't Read it For:
Jorg makes Joffrey look like a pup, and we are not kidding! Although the story is well-crafted the presence of massive amounts of bloodshed could be a bit disturbing.
What makes this book stand out?:
The book is well-written with magic and various magical creatures. The book is filled with funny conversations and witty comebacks.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives

Now a major motion picture, this book gives the reader a look into the mind, body and soul along with how it works.  This book takes you through a story of a gymnast, a talented one at that, and how he lost it after an accident. With no hopes of full recovery ever, this story shows how he found his strength to get back on his feet.

Read it For:
An eerily touching and life-changing book.
Don't Read it For:
There is no reason to not read this book.
What makes this book stand out?:
This book motivates the reader and allows the reader to do whatever they set their heart and mind to.

The Lost Symbol

This book follows Robert Langdon as he finds another adventure. This time he has to crack a cryptogram and chases down the halls of the American history. With secrets at an arm’s length, a terrible happening occurs and puts the lives in danger. What will Langdon do?

Read it For:
The book is accurate with details. Along with this the book even has a great storyline.
Don't Read it For:
The book may be annoying for some because of the historical facts.
What makes this book stand out?:
The book is written impressively. Brown has made an effort to elaborate every detail in the book.


One of the best surviving poems of the midlevel times, this book is a translated version of the book. Dante finds the ghost of the poet Virgil and interacts with him.

Read it For:
The book is rich in intellectual discussions and gives the reader an opportunity to think about things profoundly.
Don't Read it For:
The book is a translated work, so some beauty of the original work may have been compromised.
What makes this book stand out?:
This book will definitely give you a lot to think about.

A Wild Sheep Chase

The protagonist of the book is fed up with his boring life and soon finds that he has an ear fetish. Climbing out of the depression of a failed marriage, he stumbles upon a photo of sheep which takes him on a wild adventure.

Read it For:
The book is impressively written. And like Murakami’s most works the book has deep thoughts sprawled all over the book. The author, as with most books, does not hesitate to dive into supernatural as well as eerie aspects!
Don't Read it For:
The book may sound a bit monotonous. It takes some time to get used to his way of writing.
What makes this book stand out?:
The blend of a story of adventure, magic and supernatural aspects is something only Murakami can achieve effortlessly.

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