13 Books To Read That Can Change Your Life


Every body has their own different reason to pick up a book ,but what remains common for all readers is the desire for learning something new, something that will create a difference in them. With each book comes a perspective, an idea which gives birth to a chain of thoughts ultimately leading to expansion in the limits of your mind. We all understand that the capacity of some books to impart wisdom and open your mind can be rivaled only by first hand experience. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of 13 books to read that can change your life. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

The Alchemist

Making it to the top of best sellers list of 74 countries is no small task, yet this book did it. It follows an Andalusian shepherd on his journey to Egypt while he seeks to fulfill his destiny and make sense of a recurring dream. The narrative is simple and evidently strikes a chord with everybody irrespective of their environment. The book is full of metaphors of life and will leave you with a sense of inspiration.


This book will satisfy your curiosity about the development of both science and civilization in more ways than one. After reading this, you'll be able to put a lot of things in perspective and see a whole new world open up for you. It isn't just another book about scientific theories or the universe, it's more of a discussion on the humanity's place in what we know of our existence.

1984 is a dystopian, political novel based in a world in the state of perpetual war, intensive government intervention & control, and public manipulation through half-truths & lies. It is set in Airstrip One (formerly Great Britain), a part of Oceania where the elite has all control and individualism & independent thinking is seen as 'thoughtcrime'. The book has managed to captivate its audience since 1949 through its originality, suspense and imagination and is a must-read.

How To Win Friends and Influence People

In case you've been wanting to work on yourself or become more social or happier, in general, this is a great start. The book packs the material from Carnegie's course on public speaking and describes the tips, tricks and principles of becoming a more people's person. Even if your objective isn't to become one, this book will give you some interesting pointers on human behavior and psychology.

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Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

You experience 'flow' when you experience clarity in your thoughts, deep concentration, and effortless involvement in whatever you may be doing. Unarguably, it's an amazing feeling and extremely productive too. Only, it's much too fleeting to rely on. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi tells us how we can achieve this state of mind at will. Extremely intriguing and thought provoking, this book can change a lot about your life.

Thinking: Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman explains his research on cognitive biases and thinking processes which spanned over decades, in this book. He tries to make you understand of how your brain functions and how certain biases develop and get ingrained in most of your activities. The narrative style is light and easy to follow, Kahneman uses a lot of examples and detailed analysis to tell you about how you think: fast and slow, and what dominates.

The Power Of Habit

There was a recurring joke in my childhood about how we get habituated to new environment within days but in all the years that we've been trying to study, it's just equally difficult to get used to academia. Well, it was funny when my friend said it. If like me, you've ever wondered about the dynamics behind habit creation and reformation, read this book. Extremely useful in cases if you want to become more self-aware and understand things that go deep in your everyday life.

Outliers: The Story of Success

Malcolm Gladwell is a Canadian journalist, speaker and author. His book, Outliers, examines the factors leading to outstanding success in various endeavors. The book also happens to be the source of the extremely famous '10,000 hour-rule to gain expertise in any skill'. Did you know why Canadian ice-hockey players are majorly born in the early months of the year, or why The Beatles became as successful to earn their place in music history, or what all affects your decision making and hence your fortune? Read this to find out.

Man’s Search For Meaning

Victor Frankl was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II and the book details his experiences and observations in that time period. Frankl analyses the affects of a prisoner's thoughts and hope about his state on the general likelihood of their survival. This book explores his take on the prisoner's thought process, the meaning of life and the working of a society.

The Black Swan

Things happen, and retrospection leads you to develop explanations. Most of us work this way and end up with simplistic reasoning and conclusions. Some events are rare and unpredictable though, and often cause the maximum impact. Is it fair to come up with a theory to predict them in the future? Can you even predict them or are they just black swans?

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

French economist, Thomas Piketty, examines income and wealth inequality since the 18th century in the West. The book is centrally around how this inequality is a result of capitalistic policies and needs specialized attention and intervention to tackle. It is insightful, to say the least, and manages to capture the trends of the movement of capital and the explanation behind it. Often described as the most important economics book of the decade, it will transform how you think about wealth and income.

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged incorporates multiple themes ranging from philosophy and government intervention to property rights and individualism in good depth with some deep counter-intuitive analysis. The book is based in a US which is experiencing abandonment from its influential and elite industrialists due to aggressive regulations. Ayn Rand explores aspects which lead to the development of her theory on Objectivism. This book will give you a very unique perspective on a lot of things and will definitely influence your take on morality

The Magic Of Thinking Big

The book is a step-by-step guide to help you set goals and go about achieving them. Schwartz details how you can get much more done by manipulating your thought patterns and habits and the way to do that. It's extremely handy in helping you form the right attitude and perspective along with positivity.

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