12 Reasons to read 12 Books every year


No matter how popular ebooks get it safe to say that real books aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. There are so many reasons to love books. The fact that there hasn’t been a single person in history who made a mark and never read speaks volumes about the power of reading, and by extension, the power of books. Books have been the Google of ancient times, they allowed the human race to build upon the knowledge of our ancestors and grow technologically as a civilization. Books also are an outlet for creativity. Writers bring their onto white paper in the form of words, which have the power to change minds and influence thousands, if not millions of people around the world. It won’t be wrong if I said that books have been the backbone of all progress in human history. Inculcating a habit of reading would help you in more ways than one. Without further ado, here are 12 reasons to read 12 books every year.

Where knowledge resides

Like I mentioned before, the biggest reason to read books would be to gain knowledge. We start reading books from the day we join the school, and till we graduate, and sometimes, even after that! Books on varied subjects provide you with information about the world around you, increases your understanding of the subject. It’s unfortunate that most people never move past their curriculum related books to venture out and gain new information. Every time you pick up a new book to read, you gain new knowledge that you otherwise would not have known! And which, honestly, is a pretty cool thing if you think about it.

Brain Boosters

Studies have shown that reading books has amazing effects on the brain. They keep it mentally stimulated, enhancing many aspects of it, including but not limited to memory retention, recollection, and creativity. This is because reading engages your brain in many ways, nonfiction, i.e. informational books stimulate the logical part of your brain, while fiction stimulates the creative side, keeping your brain active keeps it from losing power, thus keeping degenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay.

Stress Busters

Reading also acts against stress, engaging your brain in fictional books opens you to the new world of imagination, effectively giving you a break from the stress in daily life. Reading a book has been shown to be relatively better than taking a walk or listening to music. It helps you relax in one place without negative side effects. On top of that, regular binge readers have lower stress levels in general as well.

 Memory power

When you read a book, if the story you read is interesting enough, your brain automatically makes it a point to remember as much of the detail in it as possible. The setting, the characters, their motivations, the plot, the sub-plots and so on. As your brain takes in and tries to retain all that information, it increasingly gets better at remembering other things as well. Your overall memory gets a boost too, strengthening existing neurological pathways and continuously forming new ones.

Super imagination

It has also been shown to increase your imaginative capability. The more stories you read, the sharper is the ability to formulate and visualize ideas in your head. Reading new books helps you imagine better, drowning yourself in every new world a new book takes you. In the real world, your imagination helps you think of new ways and ideas to do things.

Improves critical thinking skills

With the vast genres of book that are available to the reader, it’s only natural to have developed more aspects of thinking that one can count on their fingers! For example, reading classics like Sherlock Holmes or Poirot improves your critical thinking skills, urges you to be more observant about your surroundings. It helps you develop a sharp eye. Critical thinking is a crucial skill in day to day life decisions. Reading requires an individual to think and understand in a way that any other form of entertainment can’t.

Vocabulary library

Every new reader has trouble understanding a certain amount of words their first time. Writers use exquisite vocabulary to stimulate the readers’ imagination. As you read, you will develop your vocabulary and command on the language you read in. Coming across new words, phrases, idioms, differentiating between writing styles will come naturally.

Writing skill star

That said, there is no rule that writers shouldn’t read or readers shouldn’t write! Better readers become good writers when they read a lot, and the reverse is just as true. Many successful authors have admitted to being voracious readers all through their lives. They gain an understanding of various styles of writing, attempt to copy them and in the process, it allows them to develop their unique style. So if you want to become a better writer, better start by reading from the masters of the art!

Social superhero

Taking from the point about improving vocabulary, a well versed and deep vocabulary allows you to make the right choice of words to convey your ideas. Ideas flow concisely in a few sentences, thus improving your social skills and also your command of the language. The increase in your ability to communicate makes you a better conversationalist and improves your social relationships in general, making you a better student or an employee.

Improves focus

Statistics have been showing that there has been an increasing trend of people having short attention spans. Concerned parents are lining up at therapists’ offices to have their child treated for attention disorders like ADHD. Multi-tasking is slowly becoming the norm, and this is causing a lot of stress in the population in general. Although this is just one side of the story, some studies have shown that people who read books are more focused and thus are more productive at their jobs. It improves your concentration and keeps the social networking bug at bay. Read a book just 20 minutes a day, and we bet you won’t regret it. An increased focus lets you complete tasks on time and in turn, leaves you a happier person.

Makes you empathetic

Getting lost in your favorite books can help you become more empathetic. Reading fiction books about your favorite characters, helps you understand your characters, their trials, and tribulations, their motivations, this makes you relate to the character on a deeper level. In real life, this translates to understanding your fellow humans and in turn makes you a better person. Your social relationships get a boost, and you also become a better communicator.

Cheap entertainment

Books are an excellent source of recreation with literally no apparent downsides to reading one unless you consider getting lost in one for hours together. Not only that, books are pretty cheap, and if you’re determined enough, they can be free too. A lot of book lovers have come together to digitally translate old classics from the 1800s and make it free for everyone to download and read.


In an age where time is almost as valuable as money, if not more, reading a book is the best investment you can make of your time. Happy reading!

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