Top 10 William Shakespeare Books


William Shakespeare can justly be regarded as the greatest contributor to the English Literature. His works are eternal and have inspired fiction writing for centuries. The essence of his work can be found in the literature of other languages as well. This list comprises of some of the best William Shakespeare Books. Hope that this article motivates you to read all of these exceptional works by The Bard!

Julius Caesar

The play is arguably the best work of fiction ever. Brutus, a close friend of the great Caesar gets influenced by Cassius and joins the conspiracy to assassinate someone who was so respectable and dear to him, Julius Caesar! It is a magnificent portrayal of persuasion, treachery, mass manipulation and strong rational beliefs!

Prince Hamlet of Denmark is baffled when King Hamlet's ghost tells him that he was murdered by his own brother, King Claudius. Hamlet stages a play on murder of his father to test his uncle's guilt or innocence based on his reaction. Subsequently, Prince Hamlet developes a fierce desire to avenge his father. The play ends in a very tragic but just way!

Romeo and Juliet

Undisputably the best romance written, Romeo and Juliet has astounded scholars and empowered lovers for four centuries. It is a tragic romance which celebrates and mourns the love of Romeo for his beloved, Juliet. Romeo, with a desire to meet Rosaline, sneaks in a ball at Capulet house (Capulet was the father of Juliet). It was then and there when he met Juliet and fell in love with her. Who would have thought that sneaking in the ball would infuriate a duel which was beginning of a heartbreaking tragedy!


The three witches appear in front of Macbeth and Banquo post their valorous victory and make strange prophecies. That Macbeth shall first be a Thane and then the King and Banquo would father a line of kings! To his amazement, Macbeth becomes a Thane and this is followed by Macbeth committing heinous crimes out of fear, ambition and influence. It then becomes a tale of revenges and remorses. The resonance of all the happenings with the prophecies is utterly interesting.

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Measure for Measure

This comedy deals with very sensitive issues like justice and corruption in society. Pompey, a masterpiece character of Shakespeare describes Claudio's crime as "Groping for trouts in a peculiar river" and causes imprisonment of Claudio. Angelo, the newly appointed ruler (as Duke was out of town) imposes a law that fornication is punishable with death. Claudio is thus sentenced to death because of his relationship with Juliet. Isabella begs mercy for her brother but Antonio demands something very immoral for Claudio's release. Isabella's fight for justice is both inspiring and amusing!

As You Like It

"As You Like It" is a masterpiece and comprises of some of the great philosophies like 'All the world's a stage'. It starts with Rosalind fleeing persecution in the court with her cousin. She firstly finds safety and eventually finds love in the Forest of Aden! It is in this forest that they met the most contrasting and strong character of the play, Jacques.


Othello, a Moorish general in the Venetian army loves his wife Desdemona but because of Iago's vicious plan he is made to suspect that Cassio and his wife are having an affair. Enraged, he takes violent steps against them and ends up repenting for his lack of trust on Desdemona. The remorse finally compels him to do something no one would have thought of!

Believed to be the last play that Shakespeare wrote alone, it portrays the well thought plan of the protagonist, Prospero the sorcerer. The plan was aimed to accomplish justice for his daughter, Miranda and revelation of the true evil nature of his brother, Antonio. The name of the play is derived from the storm which was set up to bring his brother and the King to the remote island where Prospero lived.

The Merchant of Venice

Antonio gets a loan from Shylock to lend to his friend, Bassanio. But there was a weird condition involved in this sanction of loan: Antonio will have to give a pound of his flesh if he fails to repay the amount in three months! Built on this tragicomical beginning of the play, the plot turned out to be very interesting.

Antony and Cleopatra

The play is full of twists and turns making the plot very complicated. It certainly calls for a very conscious reading. It can be considered as a sequel to Julius Caesar as the setting is at a time when Octavius Caesar took the crown after the great Caesar's death. Antony's love for Cleopatra and Rivalry for Octavius are the pillars of this beautiful play.

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