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Dame Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland was one of the most successful and prolific Romance writers of the 20th century, writing more than 700 books. With a certain style of stories, that defined the romance genre during the 1900s, she sold 1000 million copies throughout the world, making a Guinnes World Record. Dressed in all pink she was honored by the title of Queen of Romance. Here are some of her most popular works, full of love.

Her works ranged in the category of romance fiction and romance novels. She is one of the only few writers who gained a worldwide popularity through her works. She has more than seven hundred books published and all of which have been translated into thirty-six languages. She has been continuously referenced in the Gunniess World Book of records.


Hazard of Hearts

Serena might have the freedom to live but not to love, and even this freedom is not permanent. She is bound by an honor debt to marry the Marquis of Vulcan, Justin. As she moves in to the royal home of Mandrake, she unveils some of the family secrets. As a result she ends up hunted in the world of smugglers, hitchhikers, murderers and extortion. This is Barbara Cartland's most highly rated books of all time.

The Wicked Marquis

Two drunken bloke attack young Orelia while she was returning from George and Dragon inn, and a cynical and dashing man saves her. Her cousin Caroline, an impulsive and wild woman is the only family she is left with. Caroline announces her wedding to the Marquis of Ryde. Orelia is flabbergasted when she meets the Marquis, the same man who saved her, and the same man she can't get out of her head.

The Duke and the Preacher’s Daughter

Duke of Kingswood is in desperate search of someone to marry his little cousin to get him out of an unfortunate entanglement. He meets Benedicta and considers her for his cousin, but with time he himself falls for her. Benedicta's preacher father is ill and they take shelter in Kingswood where it all begins.

The Love Pirate

Bertilla was sent to live with her aunt by her mother, once fleeing an adamant suitor she finds a young and handsome Lord Saire, also known as the Love Pirate, because of his skills with ladies. She meets him again when they are shipwrecked together, she instantly falls in love with her. But when she finds out about his Love Pirate characteristics, she is mortified and ready to leave with her dignity and broken heart.

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The Rhapsody of Love

Orlena's father is dead, and has left his fortune to a man to take care of. The night before his arrival, she meets a man at posting inn who takes her into her arms and they fall into ecstasy, hoping to see her again someday. She does meet her again, the very next day, he is the man her father chose to take care of the heredity.

The Poor Governess

The beautiful red-headed daughter of a country parson, Lara is petrified by the fact that Jane, her friend, is being constantly pursued by a lecher, Lord Magor in the ancestral home of the Marquis of Keyston where Jane is the giverness. In utter disdain towards the Lord, she takes place of Jane as the governess, to teach him a lesson. Instead she learns about a lesson of love from the Marquis, while being preyed by the lustful Magor. Barabara Cartland was successful in making this romantic novel a completely dramatic one too, as Magor holds Lara in a locked room and something terrible happens.

A milliner with a beautiful voice and an obviously beautiful fedora, Thalia, meets the Earl of Hellington and he falls in love with her. After much of his harmless stalkings he discovers some intriguing things about her. Thalia lives with her mother, both waiting for her father to come back to England from exile. A Gentleman in Love has a pretty decent setting of England and is a regency romance novel.

A Duel of Hearts

She met a stranger in despair in the lonely woods. An heiress to great fortune, Lady Caroline could think of only the man in the woods. She knew the stranger's life was in threat and was determined to leave everything behind to warn him, and she did. With time she discovered a dark secret and the reason for his despair.

Lucifer and the Angel

Anita and her two sisters are left destitute after they are orphaned and are forced to live with the great-aunt Matilda who wants to marry Anita to an old and coarse parson. She is dismayed by this and wants to get free of her shackles when she meets the Dowager Duchess of Ollerton who wants to find a bride for her disinterested son. She finds a devilish charm inside this rakish man, and hopes to find true love for her too.

The Dangerous Dandy

Lady Maude Camberly is left impoverished after the death of her husband, with her daughter Alyna. A coarse and condescending Prince Ahmadi offers ten thousand pounds for Alyna's hand in marriage and Lady Maude accepts it. Alyna is left in despair and decides to give away her life at river Thames, when a jaunty and handsome Lord Dorrington saves her and decides to get her away from the disdainful prince. The prince is hellbent on revenge, and the Lord's life is in danger, can Alyna survive this dangerous dandy ?

From Hell to Heaven

The Marquis of Alchester, is enraged when his horse loses in the Derby Race. That was all because of the foul behavior of the enemy, who has set his eyes on marrying the ward of the Marquis. With eyes on revenge, the Marquis visits an orphanage to find the perfect replacement for the ward, for he needs the ward for his lavish lifestyle and the enemy has never met the ward. Enter young and beautiful Kistina, plucked from a hell of a life. When she comes to the Marquis’ house, she is in heaven. She could not help falling in love with him, but the Marquis breaks her heart in the end.

Read it For:
The progression of the story is steady and enjoyable.
Don't Read it For:
The book may become disturbing, but that’s only for a while
What makes this book stand out?:
The book is an impressive work by the master romance weaver, definitely one of the Barabara Cartland best sellers.

The Prince and the Pekingese

The life of Angelina Medwin is quite mundane and non-happening. She lives in a prestigious household in the Belgrave Square. Her days are spent by taking care of her ailing grandmother and looking after the ever-demanding Pekingese. She takes her dog for walks through the leafy gardens, but that is all that she does throughout the day. But all is set to change when the entire London buzzes with Coronation of King Edward VII

Read it For:
The book is a beautiful journey of romance and chance encounters.
Don't Read it For:
This book is slow to start, which could be annoying for some. But getting through the initial pages is the only task, the story is extremely engaging.
What makes this book stand out?:
This is one of the eternal love stories written by the author. The book’s beauty never fades.

The Castle Made for Love

Blessed with beauty and intelligence, the privileged eighteen-year-old Yola Beauharnais, lives a life full of a fairytale bliss. But her fun-filled life changes when her grandmother announces that Yola was to marry the Marquis  de Montereau according to her late father’s wishes. She is appalled and does not want to marry a man with bad reputation.

Read it For:
This is not your regular Cartland story. The book has many differences which make this book an exciting read.
Don't Read it For:
The book may be a letdown for the authentic Cartland lovers.
What makes this book stand out?:
This book is exciting and has many exciting situations. This book rightly deserves its spot on the list of Barabara Cartland popular novels.

Love Leaves at Midnight

Xenia is beautiful and stand out from the crowd. But when she meets her long-lost cousin, she is no longer any different from the crowd, for her cousin is the spitting image of Xenia. The cousin plots a plan and asks Xenia to swap lives, but what awaits the two? How will Xenia deal with the repercussions?

Read it For:
The book is a bit different from her other romance novels, the book is slow and deep.
Don't Read it For:
The book lacks the steamy romance, which may not be liked by her fans.
What makes this book stand out?:
The book is a great book to read and re-read. The barabara cartland books incorporate many historical events, which make her books irresistible.

Barbara Cartland: Three Complete Novels

This book is a collection of the best works by the writer.

Read it For:
The book is easy to read, light and fun. The fact that she can make engaging stories out of the historical settings is what makes this romance writer different from others.
Don't Read it For:
This book is a collection of novels, the die-hard fans may have already read the works.
What makes this book stand out?:
This book is highly recommended for collectors and the ones who intend to find an introduction to the genius romances of the writer

Barbara Cartland: Three Complete Novels: Courtly Love

This book has three stories in total. The stories come with their own characters and the problems the characters face.

Read it For:
This book is great book, as it describes a love which is pure, a kind which is hard to find
Don't Read it For:
The book is a collection, again, fans may already have these books.
What makes this book stand out?:
The book is a classic must have; you will not find romance in such pretty writings anywhere else.

Love Drives in

After Dorina is sent to France to learn many things in order to take over her father’s business one day, she is informed that her father has passed away. Now she must return to carry her father’s business. But she does not feel ready.

Read it For:
The book is about the woman, who once thought could not do what she was too, finds her footing and does more than what was expected of her
Don't Read it For:
The book, unlike many other books, departs from the lovely romance. Romance is a side-dish to the main course of the story
What makes this book stand out?:
This book is a good read.

Barbara Cartland’s Etiquette Handbook: A Guide to Good Behaviour from the Boudoir to the Boardroom

Written five decades ago, this book takes you through the etiquette the author thinks every reader should incorporate into their lives.

Read it For:
The book is not only rich in what to do but also has illustrious.
Don't Read it For:
Some etiquette may seem outdated
What makes this book stand out?:
A good book which gives insight into the author’s thinking and living style.

The Reluctant Bride

Prince of Meldenstein asks Camellia to marry him in hopes to help her with her family’s bankrupt condition.

Read it For:
The book is a good well-written story.
Don't Read it For:
The book may seem to talk about the same things, we have already read.
What makes this book stand out?:
The book is impressively done

Safe in Paradise

Zarina Bryden does not need a rich man as a husband, but her guardian insists on marrying a Duke who is twice her age. Faced with this challenge, what does she decide?

Read it For:
One of the best romances from the writer
Don't Read it For:
The book is enriching and exciting, no problems
What makes this book stand out?:
This book is great and well-written!1

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